Zentangle Bookmarks

Hello avid artists and crafty connoisseurs!

My name is Sara Weidner and I am a local artist on consignment with Artsy Diva. As a student at Moravian College, I am always looking for ways to make a little extra money, while doing things that I love. I am an English major with Writing Certification and a Spanish minor, but I also dabble in the creative arts every now and then.

My aunt introduced me to an art form called Zentangle which is essentially just elaborate doodles embellished with intricate designs. Zentangle is often used as a meditative practice and acts as a stress reliever. It requires focus, attention to detail, and calls upon the creative muse for inspiration. As an English major, I am always in need of bookmarks. I never seem to have enough, even though I’m fairly certain I have over 30 stuck between the pages of multiple books somewhere in my house. This led me to experiment with making bookmarks of my own using the art style of zentangle. While walking around Bethlehem’s Main Street, I came upon Artsy Diva and inquired about the possibility of selling them here to make a little extra money. I support local artists and small businesses with my bookmarks and encourage others to do the same! My bookmarks sell for $4 each and are all hand drawn, featuring a quote that correlates to the picture. Each bookmark is individual; no two are the same and I never repeat quotes. They are all laminated and embellished with a colorful ribbon and little charms to complete the look. I hope everyone can benefit from my bookmarks and enjoy them just as much as they enjoy the book they are reading!

Some samples of my previous work:

Here is a brand new set of bookmarks for sale right now!



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